Multi Turn Electric Actuators


These actuators are used for the actuation of multi turn valves like Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Sluice Valves & Knife Edge Gate Valves. They are available in output torque ranging between 30 Nm to 1000 Nm as a standard and can be mounted directly on the valve shaft. But if the torque requirement is more than 1000 Nm, then we can use an intermediate gearbox e.g. Bevel or Spur type to enhance the torque output. High torque actuators are also available, which can deliver the max. torque of 32000 Nm. High torque actuators become essential, when the valves are required to be opened or closed quickly.

Torque Range : Min 30 Nm; Max 1000 Nm
Enclosure : Weather-proof & Explosion-proof
Power Supply : 415 VAC-3Ph-AC
Output Speed : 4 rpm to 180 rpm
Duty : On-Off & Regulating
Quarter Turn Electric Actuators