Battery Powered Valve Actuator

We are Distributor, Dealer, Supplier of Battery Powered Valve Actuator. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The basic model is APB45N, a modern portable battery-operated system that, coupled to manual operation units via coupling sets, makes it possible to handle hydraulic penstock valves and sluice gates without any physical effort from the operators. It is particularly recommended for emergency operations when no electrical power is available, on electrified multi-revolution actuation systems. It can be used in any position (either vertical or horizontal) and for a rather long period, thanks to the 36V battery it is equipped with.

Technical data
Max torque 45 Nm
Continuous torque 42 Nm
Output rpm 95
Engine rpm 3519
Reduction ratio 37/1
Engine power 349 Watt
Battery Dewalt 36V
Dimensions 385x250x355(h) mm
Weight 7,6 Kg including battery
Bushing etching Q24x24x5(h) mm