Bushings for actuator Model APB-APS

We are Distributor, Dealer, Supplier of Actuator Bushing. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharahtra, India.

The bushings, which have the role of transmitting the rotation movement from the portable actuators to the reduces, can be applied indifferently to any model of the series and can be subdivided into two main categories, i.e. square and cylindrical. The most common is the one with the square Q24x24 because, via a series of reducers™ etchings that uniform the output shaft from cylindrical to square, it permits performing the required operations without having to ever demount the bushing from the portable actuator. Anyway, different types of bushings are available (male, female, half-moon, with ISO adaptor, bayonet or even built on purpose, based on the Customer™s specific requirements) to cope with any type of etching.